Can I do anything about this?
Oct 9, 2013 7:10 AM
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I know there are always more ideal ways to get a good mattress than what I'm doing but I have very llittle money and have few options.




i went into a small local family-run mattress store with excellent online reviews - people said they had bought mattresses listed at $1100 for $600, had $50 taken off for paying cash, were given free delivery and bed frames when they bought mattress sets, etc.

I'm a single gal, went alone and very tired needing a good bed on a low budget. Bought an Englander with low coil count, thick coil gauge and 5" of cheap PU foam. Stupid me. $499/full size set plus tax plus $69 delivery. Said twice I felt I was taking a risk on Englander and salesman offered a two year unconditional warranty. We all know this is B.S., englander doesn't pay out on warrantys but I did it anyway, my bad. I was just so freaking tired that anything other than my old mattress seemed a welcome change.

they delivered it quickly and tried to give me a cheap Spring Time box spring (which would have completely voided out any warranty). IT was even on the paperwork and was intentional. caught it downstairs before they brought the bed up and whaddya know, they happened to have to the right box spring on the truck. Hmmmm. So I took it all.

after the second night the bed was killing my back (I'm a stomach and side sleeper and read on my stomach in bed every night) so I went back to do an exchange. I had been initially considering a Beautyrest Recharge but they had suggested the Englander and I told them I was a stomach sleeper. The Recharge was only $100 more.

 salesman said the Recharge was not on the floor for me to try again but would still be too soft anyway and suggested a Simmons BeautySLEEP Firm for $699. It felt better than the Englander and I could always build it up with layers if needed to achieve the right level of side-sleeping support. Its 700 coil count, 15.5 gauge with only 1" of padding above coils and 1" of foam.

now I know BeautySleep is a level below Beautyrest so I don't know why it cost more at their store. the Beautyrest Recharge had about 4" of stuff on the coils and might be too soft, they may be right. But it does have some gel and could have higher density foams than the Englander, not sure. Would it be better than BeautySleep?

Their return policy for my exchanging the Englander for the BeautySleep would be:

25% of the original purchase (about $150), plus delivery ($69), plus the $200 extra for cost the BeautySleep is above the Englander.

so basically I am paying $1100 for a Simmons BeautySleep that I'm finding all over the web for under $500/set.

They own me since I'm doing an exchange but it seems the salesman's brother (they are both the owners) is more fair. I'm getting their "online prices" which are about $100 lower than sticker prices. I have a feeling theyve given others even better prices. If I go to the brother who I sensed was more honest, esp after the box spring trick, what can I say or ask for?

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