Bragada mattresses
Mar 16, 2009 12:18 AM
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I'm still researching and it still becomes more and more time consuming and confusing.  What I like one minute I don't like the next minute.  I did come across these Bragada mattresses.  Prices weren't bad compared to the others on this site.  I really don't wanna get in the hassle of sending pieces back and forth to the manufacturer.  Even then it still seems like hit and miss with a lot of the people.  Any way these Bragadas got great ratings on this web site a couple of years ago.  There wasn't realy anything bad about them.  Then they kind of disappeared from the forum and reviews.  They make both memory foam and latex.  So what happened?  Anyone buy one lately?
Re: Bragada mattresses
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Yeah what gives? Went to epinions and there is like 90 reviews. Virtually everyone is a 5 star...I am suspicious of Shilling. They all have the same comments, i.e. they all compare to Tempur Pedic, Great customer support, Everyone sleeps throught the night etc........ I am not to sure what to think. The reviews are all too detailed to think that everyone would take the time to write one.

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