Best Mattress for a cement floor recreation area?
Feb 27, 2021 9:31 AM
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I got Mattress/bed for our bedroom and my wife is loving it. Now my wife is talking about project #2. She wants some kind of bed to go in our basement which is our recreation area: has weights, treadmill, TV, computer. She wants also to be able to sleep down there as well. It is an old house with a cement floor that sometimes gets a small amount of water leakage in. I try to keep things away from a wall that leaks and the water will drain down to a drain in the basement. I keep my weights, manual treadmill, and exercise equipment in a dry area that doesn't get water leakage, I would also try to put the bed in area that usually stays dry. With that said I was thinking of a metal platform raised from the ground so if there is a small little amount of water on the floor it won't damage the bed. Or my wife was thinking of a Futon. The problem with a Futon is I worry about durability. I had one as a kid when I was only like 100 lbs. Now I am 245 lbs and my wife is 125 lbs, so with that kind of weight I don't think a Futon will last for long before it's garbage? I was thinking more of a metal platform with like a foam or latex mattress put on top of it?

Any thoughts.
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