Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
Feb 19, 2011 8:13 AM
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My new husband and I are closing on our first home this friday and have been on the hunt for a new bed - upgrading to a king from a queen.   All the review we've read were pushing us towards latex but we made sure to try EVERYTHING including spring and memory foam.  He likes really firm, but i like extra "fluffy" as I call it. I want to feel like I'm sinking in and being snuggled but my husband has acid reflux and wants to feel like he's sleeping on a board.  After hitting every store in town we ended up at a local store selling mainly on Jamison mattresses and saw they had something we hadn't seen yet in any other store - Enso Sleep Systems.  They're being sold as "all green" memory foam mattresses but that isn't an important factor for us.  What mattered to us is that when we laid down the feeling was unreal!  I LOVED it and my husband liked it too!  It felt like no other mattress we had tried out plus the price was considerably lower than some of the other top brand mattresses we've tried. 

We didn't want to buy it right away without doing research however there are no reviews or info out there other than the sales info.  It appears the company is new (2010) but I thought for sure at least one review would exist.  Anyone know of these or have any experience?  Below are specs from the website regarding the specific bed we like but there isn't much info.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Their website is 

The Enso 16-inch Solidarity is the ultimate memory foam mattress, tailored with a premium chenille cover.
  • The Enso Solidarity mattress is composed of CertiPUR-US® super premium memory foam and Enso cluster foam in an internal Euro duvet top.
  • Features Airflow Pressure Relief (APR) foam to help reduce pressure on the body and increase ventilation inside the mattress.
  • High density polyurethane support foam.
  • A high density border edge foam surrounds the entire mattress to increase long term durability and tailoring.
  • Zippered, removable cover allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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I would be surprised if your husband ends up loving it, if he likes to sleep on a board.  They do not give much in the way of details, which generally is a bad sign.  How much memory foam?  What density?  What is the density of the foam underneath?

You will find that you sink into memory foam more as it heats up.  So, laying on it for 5-15 minutes may not give you a good feel for what it is like to sleep on it.  Also, it may soften up over time, so you may like it at first but not after a year or so.

Have you every slept on a Tempurpedic or other memory foam mattress? What is return policy if you don't like?

Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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My wife and I have had the same mattress since October and we both love it. She was hesitant at first because of the way memory foam feels. She didn't like the way most memory foam beds feel like you are sleeping in them and not on them, but she tried the Solidarity out in the store and we fell in love with it. I had been told that memory foam tends to sleep hot, but I haven't found that to be the case. I did some research of my own about the company and found that they are a division of Klaussner Furniture. Klaussner has been around for years, but Enso is new. As far as the warranty is concerned, it is backed by Klaussner so you shouldn't have any problems with that.

All in all we love it!

Happy Sleeping

Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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Just wondering how the enso worked for you now that it is a few months later.  We found the enso in a furniture store and now we're very interested in finding out more.  I really like that you can wash the cover.  Anything else to consider when buying this specific bed?




Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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We just purchased "The Natural" Enso Sleep System in a king size and so far so good.  We had purchased a memory foam mattress from Sam's Club last year  in a queen and king size for our condo.  At first they were great...especially for the price.  However, the more I slept on the king size, it felt hard and my arms would go to sleep so I would toss and turn all night.  After much thought and after looking for a twin size mattress for my guest room, we found "The Natural" and really liked much that we kept going back to that one mattress.  So, after discussion, we purchased "The Natural" for our home and will take our Englander mattress that we have had for 8 years to the condo.  Must say, the Englander mattress has a memory foam top and has done well, but lately have notice "dipping" although I faithfully rotate this mattress every 3 months!

I will post again after a few months in reference to the Enso Natural!

Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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We purchased an Enso Natural and it was the best investment we ever made, The enso foam is less density then tempur-pedic so the bed is cooler, the woven bamboo cover also is designed for a cooler sleep, and the holes drilled into the foam allow air to flow which also promotes a cooler sleep. We live in  fla & it is very important to have a cool sleep surface and the price is amazing compared to other mattresses of equal quality.
Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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I just purchased an ENZO Galaxy and have been sleeping on it for about 6 weeks now. It is supposed to be one of their softest mattresses. I was considering a Temperpedic or a Seta iComfort but after looking at their prices, I settled for the ENZO.

The first day I slept on it, I was ready to take it back however; the store had told me to give it 24 hours to fully expand from the plastic it came in. So day two was better but still not impressed. Day three was much better and after that; it really took about two weeks to get used to it.

I now love this mattress and can't imagine sleeping on any other memory foam mattress. Don't let the reasonable price fool you. This mattress is worth every dollar and then some. I don't think I will ever purchase another mattress than is not an ENZO. What I can't believe is that, my wife likes a firm mattress and I am the opposite. The softer, the better. This was a perfect mattress for both of us because, while it has some give, once you are on for about 2 minutes, it feels firm, but soft. I know that doesn't make sense but believe me, my wife and I are both happy that that is a great thing.

Another benefit is that I can't feel when my wife gets up in the morning or during the night. I can't feel her rolling out of bed and I am sure she can't feel me either. This means our sleep is not interrupted. I hope this posting helps your decision to purchase an ENZO mattress.

Re: Any one have or heard of Enso Sleep Systems?
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Any follow up on the Enso mattress? My husband and I have a mattress that is sagging after 6 years that we can no longer sleep on. The company has vanished. We paid a fortune for it and are a little jaded with the mattress market & sales pitches. I am trying to do some research so we do not end up in this situation again. We both tried and liked The Natural by Enso but have not heard any reviews that reflect long term durability and how the mattresses are holding up. I would appreciate any feedback from Enso owners or follow up from the previous posts. Happy Holidays!

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