After years.... finally found my magic! Simmons Nextgen 450MC Firm Hybrid +1inch 14 ILD Latex..
Mar 12, 2016 9:51 PM
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Calling Sandman and everyone else who was here 3 or 4 years ago......  ???  After 25 actual mattress purchases, severl iterations of mattress "surgery" and stacked layers of high denisty memory foam and latex, I gave up a few years ago and put a couple of layers of relatively soft high quality latex on a Simmons Beautyrest that escaped the factory with no comfort layer.  I could sleep on it but always got up in pain, just a little less pain than the 25 actual mattress purchases and home trials I subjected myself to.  My problem as a 60+ male was back injury and both a side sleeper with no muscle coverage any more... or back sleeper part of the time.  My wife calls me a "flipper" from back to side.  You need firm for back sleeper, conforming give to wrap around the hip and shoulder for side sleep.

I had always wondered if a tempurpedic would work for me, (and was always too cheap to pay up), because they felt firm enough for back sleep yet did wrap around the hip and shoulder when I tried them on side in the showroom.  But I am very sensitive to heat, and the firm memory foam slabs i had experimented with all felt hot, even the ones claiming to be "cool" mem foam.

Fast forward at least 2-3 years, three weeks ago went to a few mattress places to try the "hybrid" mem foam and spring set combos, thinking this might be the perfect solution.  Your really don't need 8 inches of memory foam, all the weight and cost. So tried a couple of hybrinds at Mattress Firm in the $1600 range.  Went to Macys and tried a number of theirs in the retail showroom... was about to plunk $1600 on a hybrid X Y or Z and bumped into the Liquidation center on the top floor on the way home to think about dumping $1600.  Went in and sampled another 50 or 60 and settled on a non hybrid Black Simmons Beautyrest (no hybrids in the liquidation center).  Got one home for $1000 and it was too firm.  Begged them to allow me to swap and the regional manager approved.  When I got back to see what else I might choose, they just got in a Simmons Beautyrest NextGen Hybrid Firm 450MC.  I layed on it and even with a large pocket knife in my pocked under my hip, the nextgen formed to my hip and was comfortable.

Bought it got it home and it took a little getting used to.  Like Tempurpedic, starts out very hard feeling and cold, (maybe half inch of standard foam layer)... but first night.... got up without back pain.  After a few days I did start to notice it was a bit warmer than I liked, and happened to still have a one inch super soft 14 ILD latex topper from "I believe"  Rocky Mountain Mattress.  For me, magic. The one inch latex, my relatively light 170 pounds, softens the surface, is cool isolattion from mem foam which traps heat, and is not too thick to make lying on back feel other than 100% supportive.

It is just starting to get warm in Atlanta, so I am just coming into the air condidtioning period of the year.  Hopefully the latex isolation is enough to keep the mem foam from getting too hot.

Good luck to all and sweet dreams.

Calling Sandman....


Paul ~  shovel99


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Re: After years.... finally found my magic! Simmons Nextgen 450MC Firm Hybrid +1inch 14 ILD Latex..
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Shovel99.  What an amazing ordeal you have had to endure.  You've been sleeping on this new configuration for 4 weeks now and it still feels great?  I hope it continues to do the trick.  Your addition of a thin layer of latex is smart.  Do you find that it takes longer for the memory foam to conform to your body with the latex in between?  Mattdud

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