6 week old Tempurpedic giving me back pain!
May 30, 2013 3:45 PM
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I am a 75 year old single lady who has been living with chronic back pain from an automobille accident since I was 34 years old.  I recently needed to replace the mattresses on my split

Ca. king adjustable bed. For what ever reason I always thought that the Tempurpedic mattress was the best mattress money could buy....So I have been saving up to make this

purchase.  The first couple of weeks were great!  Then I began to get increased back pain, now it is to the point to where I cannot sleep on it :(  I bought the bed at a store where they will let me

exchange it for up to ninety days with a restocking fee of $300.00.  I have already made one exchange from the "Tempurpedic Cloud" to the "Tempurpedic  Weightless Select".  The problem is

the store where I bought it does not sell what my doctor has just told me that I need.  The doctor seems to think for my particular problem I should have a latex mattress, not too

firm and not too soft.  Of course I now realize (too late) that I made a very big and costly mistake!  If any of you know of anyone in So. Ca (Orange County)  that would like to buy a  new split Ca.King

Mattresses,  please PM me, as this would be a fantastic deal for someone.  No smoking home, no pets.


I am just sick about this problem as one of the beds has never even been used at all..... I would like to recoup some of my money rather than donate them as they are so new! 

I would be willing to make someone a very good price on these mattresses!



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Re: 6 week old Tempurpedic giving me back pain!
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Your doctor knows about as much as your car mechanic when it comes to mattresses.  It's just his opinion on what you need.

See if the store you bought it at will allow you to exchange it back to a traditional mattress.  Tempurpedic just may not be for you.  Same with latex.  Also, it takes some time to get used to the Tempurpedic.  It took a month for me to get used to mine.  

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