16 Gauge Spring at 1080 coil density..Good or bad?
Nov 23, 2011 1:04 PM
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My wife and I are looking at buying a mattress from Denver Mattress Company. We are looking at this mattress

I ready that a most mattresses come in 12-15 gauge springs.

This says it has 16 gauge. Sohould I be nervous that it will not last or is it simply thinner because there are more coils (I am guessing there are really around 850 coils as opposed to the 1080 "coil density")




Re: 16 Gauge Spring at 1080 coil density..Good or bad?
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I don't want to cause you too much anxiety before you get a final answer, but here are some suggestions and food for thought:

  • I have worked with coils ranging from 12.75 gauge to 15.5 gauge and the lower the gauge number the firmer (and most times stronger)
  • One question to ask is whether the steel being used is tempered or not (tempered is stronger)
  • One example shows the Simmons beds with 1000 coil density (850 coils) is 15.5 gauge steel... high carbon steel; the higher carbon content is supposed to be stronger and therefore does not require a thicker gauge to perform as expected. You may want to read some customer responses to the Simmons World Class to determine if that works well
  • The flip side is the Simmons Black beds use a combination of 3 strands of wire (17gauge) twisted to make one wire (equivalent to approx an 11 gauge wire)
  • So the next step is to look at what Denver Mattress company considers to be within their parameters of the warranty: weight, amount of allowable body impression, does the impression have to be on both sides of the bed, is there a comfort exchange and/or return option?
  • Do you feel like you and your wife are supported well enough while you were testing the bed

My last point is more personal. When you and your wife tested the bed.... did you feel immediately comfortable when you first took your sleeping position? Did you stay in it for at least 12-15 minutes to determine if your back muscles would relax sufficiently to allow you a deeper night's sleep? Did either you or your wife experience any reservations about the bed while you were testing the mattress? Is it priced in such a manner that you feel you are getting what you are paying for? If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, you have not found the right bed yet.

Many salespeople will not allow you enough "private" time with your partner to allow you to discuss the experience of testing properly and keep talking you into your decision... it's your money and your sleep requirements so talk about while in the bed for at least 12-15 minutes... if you tested it with the pillows yo purchased, excellent. If you did not purchase pillows, take your own pillows back to the store with you and test the combination of the two. (Tell the salesperson to leave you alone while you test and that you will call on them when you have questions.) If you are working with a salesperson you like, call and set up a time you could meet him/her so you can get some more of that personalized service... IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU and they should respect your requests.


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Re: 16 Gauge Spring at 1080 coil density..Good or bad?
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Thaks for your response! We have done a fair amount of research and tried a variety of beds. We feel most comfortable with this bed in terms of comfort as well as price. Also, we liked the salesperson.

The bed comes with a 30 day no questions asked return as well as a 15 year warranty. We do need to ask and inquire more about the parameters of the warranty. Especially in terms of body impression.

The 16 gauge is tempered so I suppose that is good. I wasn't aware of any carbon content...so that is a good question to ask!

Thanks for your advice!


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