Is 1,024 Coil Density good?
Nov 15, 2011 3:50 PM
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Looking to purchase a king mattress with 1,024 Coil density.  is this good?

Coil gauge states 15.5 - what does this mean?


Thank you!!

Re: Is 1,024 Coil Density good?
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1,024 coils for a king is very respectable. 15.5 gauge coils is less thick, less study then lower gauge such as 13 or so. but, with so many coils, if they are good quality, should be ok. may I ask which make and model?

I'm sure others can share more! just my two cents....

Re: Is 1,024 Coil Density good?
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Coil density is relative to the other beds from that manufacturer. The coil gauge sounds like it is average and , depending on being tempered or not, should give you good support. Let me give you an example of the first comment to help:

In Simmons Beuatyrest beds, they have had 6 model lines for awhile; Studio, Classic, Anniversary, World Class, Excepsionale and Black. Note the differences below: (specs are in a queen size and all coils use high carbon steel)

  • Studio: 713 coils, 6" coil, 13 gauge and no added edge support
  • Classic: 800 coils, 8" coil, 15-1/1 gauge throughout with 2 rows of 13 gauge on the left and right for edge support (firm option maybe 13 gauge throughout)
  • Anniversary: 850 coils, 8" coil, 15-1/2 gauge with a 3" foam edge all the way around for extra edge support (firm option may be 13gauge throughout)
  • World Class: 1000 coils (same as Anniversary)
  • Excepcionale: (I didn't work with these very long and do not recall the specs)
  • Black: 850 coils, 9" coils 3" foam edge... however, half the coils in this bed are triple coils making it much stronger and more durable and include a 20 year warranty over the 10 in the other 5 model lines.

If you are a heavy person, there is a lot to be said about buying for your needs here. I wouldn;t encourage a Studio or a Classic to my clients, the rest of the lines would be good as long as the client was comfortable in his or her sleep position after at least 15 minutes of testing.

Now if you compare the Simmons Classic (800 coils) to the SealyPosturepedics currently on the market, Sealy only sports 660 (titanium infused) coils. Which is stronger and more durable? Difficult to say, but Sealy will temper their coils with electricity 1st then with heat (twice tempered) in order to make a stronger, more durable coil. Maybe it only take 1 Sealy coil to do the same work as 1-1/2 Simmons coils. Maybe the high carbon outweighs the tempering... I am not a scientist, but after gathering as much customer response as I can throughout my experience with sleep systems, I can say that the scientific jargon doesn't help my back sleep any better if I am not  comfortable when I am lying down.

Take the time to test the bed in your sleeping position to see ifyou can truly relax in approx 12-15 minutes... if not, your back will not thank you regardless of the number of coils.

Sleep Well "kkb1997mu"!

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