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Aloe Alexis - Review

Brooklyn Bedding Aloe Alexis

Jul 18, 2014 8:48 PM
Location: Houston
The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept upon. Including all the various hotel beds, pillowtops, Big "S" mattresses, etc.

Brooklyn Bedding's customer service is truly outstanding. Granted that describing one's mattress preferences can seem like a challenge over the phone (such as "medium, maybe a little firmer than softer"), they're very good at matching the latex layers to it. And in any event, they will exchange latex layers to create a softer or firmer sleep experience if the fit wasn't exact.

I liked that the Aloe Alexis is a three-layer mattress, with the 7" base layer, a 3" latex medium transition layer, and a slightly softer 3" latex comfort layer. The base is polyfoam, but it's 2.17 lb. and from all I've read, the base layer is likely the last thing to go in any type of mattress (including coil-spring mattresses).

The mattress cover is well-constructed, a nice chocolate brown around the sides and sort of a thick suede-like material. The top layer is quilted cotton/aloe. The base layer is sewn into the bottom of the cover, with a breathable cloth layer sewn across the top. The latex layers are lain inside and zipped up inside the cover. The entire top layer can be removed if needed (360 degree zipper) and the zipper run itself has a wide band of cloth on the interior to prevent the zipper from encountering the latex.

Mine is a "5" firmness per Brooklyn Bedding's numerical system, which translates to a 28 ILD Talalay Latex 3" comfort layer over a 32 ILD Talalay Latex 3" Transition layer, and the firmer base layer below that.

Off-gassing (the initial latex smell) was gone within several hours. The polyfoam never had any smell.

I can say after this that I'm a believer in latex mattresses and don't envision returning to innerspring styles.
Date Purchased: 06/2014
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


* Sleeps cool - I've never had a mattress sleep this cool - and we're talking Houston in the summer time. I never feel heat build up underneath.

* Limited motion transfer between sleepers. If someone is tossing and turning, it doesn't shake the other sleeper.

* I vary between side, back, and stomach sleeping and the bed is comfortable in any position. I've had zero back or neck pains - which I can't say about our two previous Big "S" beds. The innerspring mattresses have often felt good to initially lie down upon, but after several hours it isn't the same experience. Partly that may be because the latex provides a more consistent support. It's not enveloping at all, either, so it's comfortable and easy to change sleep positions.

* My understanding is also that latex mattresses tend to be more durable and last longer than innerspring. And at the least, one could extend many styles of latex mattresses by simply unzipping the cover and replacing one or more layers.


wonderful but wish it was a little cheaper

Pranasleep Vinyasa

Jul 6, 2014 8:59 PM
Location: Massachusetts
We've had the Pranasleep Vinyasa for 8 months now. At first, I wasn't too sure about it as my husband and I would both wake up with backaches in the morning, which I had never experienced with another mattress. That lasted for about a month. Since then, it has felt like sleeping on a cloud! I am 7 months pregnant and it's the only mattress I've slept on that doesn't hurt my hips at all. I love the handwork that went into it as well- it is exquisitely made.

My one complaint is the price- it is truly an absurdly high price to pay. I do think it's worth it, but it's still disappointing how much it costs. Hopefully it will last us for a very, very long time.
Date Purchased: 11/2013
Price Paid: $5000
Recommend: Yes


extremely high quality
solid nights of sleep



Had for awhile

Sleep Ez 13000

May 21, 2014 9:26 PM
Carol Taylor
Location: West Virginia
I am just writing a review because I wanted to really try the mattresses out for a time.

Not only was the company great to work with, taking the time to make me happy in every way they could...but the mattress is so comfy!! I had many pressure issues and this mattress had given me a good nights sleep again.

I had to get a really soft top because of my issues and it has dropped a little in the middle..but I am sure Sleep ez would replace it but you know...I am still sleeping comfortably and until I am not...I am happy!!

I have tried so many mattresses and with such a huge husband (270lbs), they always drooped very quickly...but he has a regular soft top with a firm underneath and his is still looking has been several years now...and he is still happy....I am still happy...and we both got the soft/firmness we needed.

This mattress is a great idea...with 8 different pieces you can mix and match until it is perfect for you...just a rocket scientist idea!!!

So, I wanted to let everyone know...we are both over 55...and have been thru many mattresses..including the very expensive memory foam temperpetic...and none were we as happy as with the mattress from sleep with confidence!!

ps..I really can't remember the cost or has been just guessed...
Date Purchased: 11/2011
Price Paid: $2300
Recommend: Yes


can mix it up to get the perfect firmness for each person...


does break down a little over time but not as much as our spring mattresses we use to have and they got hard...if our mattress drops a little in the is still comfy and carries the same, they can replace the top one that is dropping instead of loosing the whole mattress and then having to pay for the difference for another new one...