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Spring Air Does Not Stand Behind its Warranty

Spring air Nature's Rest Latex

Feb 22, 2012 12:19 PM
Bought Nature's Rest Mattress and Box Springs WITH a 20 year warranty. Within 5 years there is a indentation about 2 inches deep. Called about our warranty and they will not honor it. We will seek Legal Counsel on it.
Date Purchased: 02/2007
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No


It lasted about 2 years


Company does not back its warranty.
Will never buy a Spring Air Product again and advising family and friends

Monogram Ultra Firm ET Queen mattress - support quality degraded after 3 months

International Bedding Dr. Breus

Feb 19, 2012 3:56 PM
Bottom line, I would not recommend this bed to my worst enemy.

The bed's support faded after 3 months, which caused lower back problems for me, and knee and hip problems for her.

We tried sleeping on opposite sides and rotating. The same side caused the sleeper large amounts of pain. The opposite side is marginally better.

We've had it for 14 months are are working with Sleepys to have it replaced. This bed is no longer available in stores or on the Sleepy's website...
Date Purchased: 12/23/2011
Price Paid: $1450
Recommend: No


Initially very comfy


Support / quality degrades quickly

bed was sagging after a few months

International Bedding Dr. Breus

Feb 6, 2012 10:11 AM
Bed was great for the first two weeks, then my husband said he thought it was sagging on his side. After a few weeks I noticed I wasn't sleeping well and my back was starting to hurt. We bought this in September, by Christmas was noticably sagging on the two sides where we sleep but raised up in the middle. In January I called and had the company we bought it from come out to inspect the bed. They said it would have to say 1 1/2" in the middle to count as defective. The inspector found it is sagging 1 14" (this after only 5 months!!!) but that other areas are visibly softer and he said the latex has "broken down". He said he would put it down as defective. He said he was unable to give us his report directly, it had to go to the manufacturer and then to the company we bought the bed from. Well, we received a phone call from the place we bought the bed from and someone somewhere who DID NOT see the bed decided that it's NOT defective!
We are not big people by the way, I weigh 145 lbs and my husband 185 lbs.
Date Purchased: 9/7/2011
Price Paid: $2350
Recommend: No


was great for a few weeks


lumpy, visibly sags, too soft to sleep on.

Englander Dream Cushion

Englander Nature's Finest Latex

Jan 1, 2012 7:47 PM
Great Mattress it is very supported with comfort.No dips..great bank for the buck.
Date Purchased: 04/2009
Price Paid: $2100
Recommend: Yes


Very durable



Waste of money

Natura NaturaLatex Tranquil

Dec 27, 2011 4:48 PM
Our Natura Tranquil was shipped from the factory in Canada to the dealer, and it was delivered about one month after it was ordered. It was used on a platform bed in accordance with instructions from Fells Point Futon (Maryland), the dealer from which it was purchased. The mattress was quite comfortable for approximately six weeks, and then my wife and I began to notice back and hip discomfort in the morning. We examined the mattress and found that the foam in the areas that supported our bodies had lost its ability to rebound, leading to sagging under our weight (we are both average size and weight). I should mention that we rotated the mattress every week (it is only finished on one side). We also noticed that the stitching in the edge binding had started come loose.
We contacted both the dealer and Natura, and received no satisfaction from either. The dealer refused to return our calls for more than a month, and Natura made demands for extensive but irrelevant documentation even before considering the possibility of replacement. Furthermore, the warranty offers the consumer no real protection (our fault for not reading the fine print before laying out $1300!).
Bottom line - this mattress became useless in less than two months. It was without a doubt a big $1300 mistake, and there's no way I could ever recommend the product.
Date Purchased: May, 2011
Price Paid: $1300
Recommend: No


Nice appearance when new. Carefully packed for shipping.


Mattress lost support and was unsuitable for sleeping in less than two months, presumably because the latex foam deteriorated. Edge binding stitching came loose. Overall, very poor quality for such a high price.

Enjoy this mattress

Sealy Reflexion

Dec 24, 2011 1:54 PM
Venice Beach bought in 2005.

After a few years noticed it developed a sag in center. We found the frame boards had warped. Doubled up with new boards and a center post support and no sag! We prefer a firm mattress and the plush topper was always borderline with us. So last year we flipped the mattress. Its firm and we like it. One could always add a topper to soften if wanted.
Date Purchased: Nov 2005
Price Paid: $1400
Recommend: Yes


feels like new
great support


plush topper eventually became lumpy - flip the mattress
heavy - needs good bed frame boards or it will sag


Custom Comfort Mattress Latex

Dec 13, 2011 1:22 PM
This company continues to sell shauty products at a high price.They claim they never give out discounts because their prices are low,but every time I visit their stores,I would always over-hear them giving major discounts and free products to certain people (wealthy looking people).Gary Trudell(one of the owners) does this more than anyone else.I also always witness him mistreating his employees and bad mouthing customers behind their backs.The employees should file legal HR action on this company for that kind of treatment.They also provide sub-par customer service.I felt like a quick sell/check-out when it came to paying rather than a valued customer.Gary and his team was quick to drop me and ran off to wealthy looking customers who already expressed that they did not need help numerous of times.So word of wisdom: "If you do not look wealthy and do not drive a high-end luxury car, do not expect good service from these people."The delievery was late and the delievery guys gave me and my husband attitude problems.They came out 3x to attempt to solve the problems with the boxspring and the mattress,entire bed set still makes strange noises and hurts our backs.After bringing these issues up with the store manager and the Sales Manager(Maroune), nothing was resolved.Maroune was worse than Gary,not entirely sure how he is the sales manager if he cannot even handle a little pressure from customers.Store managers dealt with the issues better.
Date Purchased: 01/10
Price Paid: $3000
Recommend: No





Sleep EZ 10000

Sleep Ez 10000

Dec 11, 2011 11:00 PM
I have had this queen mattress for about 6 months now. I had the cores split, extra-firm, firm, medium for me and firm medium, soft for my wife. I have low back problems. I also bought the pine slat foundation from Sleep EZ. There was no problem putting it all together. This is a great mattress. I love sleeping on it and my wife likes it also. A couple of things. One of the cores had a about a 3 inch tear starting on the edge of the side. The tear went most of the way through the core. I called Sean and he offered to replace it but said I could just glue it with some latex glue which is what they would do if they got it back. I decided to glue it myself. The second thing is that if you toss and turn, the two halfs come apart leaving a small valley down the center of the mattress. You can always open the mattress cover and reposition the cores but if I had it to do again, I would get one full (not split) queen sized layer for the top. I think this would stop the halfs from coming apart. This is probably why Flobeds has that corrugated soft layer as always the top layer.

Date Purchased: 06/2011
Price Paid: $1650
Recommend: Yes




Strobel Supple-Pedic Lever-Bed 600

Dec 9, 2011 1:25 PM
best sleep i ever had the first three years. now i sleep in a 1.5" sag and have spent the last seven months trying to get the company to stand behind their warranty.
Date Purchased: nov, 2003
Price Paid: $3000
Recommend: No


good for three years


not worth the money or time

Foam Source Boulder Comforts Latex Mattress

Foamsource Nu-Lex

Nov 24, 2011 11:26 AM
Been sleeping on our new king size 10" Nu-Lex 100% Talalay mattress for two nights now. We are both in love with this mattress!

We had a king inner spring with bottom and top pillow tops for 10 years - it was a good mattress,bit for the past three years we became increasingly aware that it was wearing out - we had to keep flipping it to keep out of the slight ruts it was forming.

We bought a memory foam for our 13 yr old daughter about 3 months ago - she loves it. We thought we would try it to - so we bought one. Both memory foams were spa sensations - 12" models. I ended up dtesting the memory foam:
1) Had a "dead" "locked in place" feel once I settled into it.
2) It smelled the whole time we had it - about three weeks
3) It was (too) warm
4) It was very disruptive when I had to turn over - it too a conscious effort (which shouldn't be necessary) to turn over and re-settle into a new "memory foam bed".

I hated the memory foam bed with a passion.

I became desperate and began talking to friends etc. Our neighbors from Italy said, as if everyone should know this, "we sleep on latex, it is the only way to go". I researched savvy rest, bella sera, natura, allura, innomax, sams club, etc. for latex mattresses. I settled on Boulder Comforts because:
1) I could get the mattress the same day
2) I coud bet a full 10" 100% natural, 100% talalay mattress
3) I could get a 20 yr warranty
4) I can have 60 days to customize the firmness

The mattress is a beast - it must weigh 170 - 180 pounds,but it is an incredibly well made mattress - it is very very supportive yet it is perfectly soft. It has a very high quality wool cover.
Our mattress is setup from bottom to top:
2" Firm
6" Medium
2" Soft

It is close to perfect, if not perfect, for us.

I payed $2,900 for the 10" King with two queen sized 100% organic/wool/latex pillows.

I highly recommend this mattress!
Date Purchased:
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes




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