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Sealy Venice Beach Reflexion

Sealy Reflexion

Jan 11, 2015 5:03 AM
Location: Phoenix, AZ
We've had this mattress for almost 8 years now, and it is unfortunate to say that it was only good for the first 5 years. After that, it went downhill. After the 5th year of ownership, we started noticing that the body indentations (because of memory foam topping) would remain there even after we got out of bed instead of retaking it's original shape. Now, my husband and I can barely sleep on the mattress because it causes back, hip and neck pain.
Date Purchased: May 2007
Price Paid: $1800
Recommend: No


Comfortable and firm for the first 5 years.


Sags after 5 years and causes unbearable body aches.
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Pranasleep Lotus

Dec 17, 2014 10:10 AM
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
My boyfriend and I are larger individuals and when we purchased this bed, we were excited about the support and great things we have heard about latex beds.

Because a budget was important, we went with the latex over foam bed and it was a huge mistake. We have been sleeping on the bed for 4 years and it has 2 divots in it that we sleep in. It is very uncomfortable as we 'bottom out', him on his shoulder, and me my hips.

I would not recommend this be to anybody unless they are on the smaller side. We are buying a USA made, 100% latex bed with 12" of customizable firmness this time so we can get what we both need and hopefully keep a bed longer than 5 years.
Date Purchased: 4/2011
Price Paid: $1800
Recommend: No


Initially it was soft and comfortable. It was easy to move around in and did not sleep hot unlike reports of memory foam. I liked how it surrounded me without me really sinking in like when I laid on the temperpedic.


Body depressions started to affect our sleep after about 3 years. After 4 years the compaction is so bad that we can no longer ignore the pressure points caused by bottoming out. Sleeping is painful and we toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable.
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Finally, the Best

Savvy Rest Serenity Pillowtop

Oct 24, 2014 9:40 PM
B. Waugh Crigler
Location: Charlottesville, Va.
Over the last 20 years we have owned Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster, Kingsdown. The last was a Tempur-Pedic which seemed at first to answer all the other brands' woes. Yet, off-gassing aggravated my wife's asthma, we sank into the mattress so deep that my wife's breathing was restricted causing her to snore. It was hot, turning over was a chore and the bed was very difficult to make up because of its weight.
Though Saavy Rest's home office is in our town, we never gave latex a second thought until last spring. We had an incredible sales person (John McMullen) who let us try every configuration of support and firmness (they are different) for both Dunlop and Talalay. We liked the all natural materials and no off-gassing. After several visits to determine the configuration of the layers, and after one change out, we eventually chose all Dunlap: firm bottom, soft middle, medium top layer with a Talalay pillowtop. By the way, the company has replaced Talalay suppliers so there was no vanilla smell that were the subject of some complaints.
This mattress assembly is nothing like any other. Expensive, Yes. Yet, the most comfortable and odor free mattress assembly we ever have had. It is easier than most modern mattresses to make up, my wife breaths better in it, there is no sinking and it is a breeze to enter and exit. We purchased the mattress when they ran a special for the organic mattress pad, sheets and pillows but likely will replace the mattress pad with another brand when the time comes.
Date Purchased: April 2014
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Good exchange policy for layers, though living in the same town as the company HQ made exchange easy.-no shipping issues. Helpful staff at company store. High quality materials, no off-gassing, soft but supportive comfort, and easier than Tempur-Pedic and other brands to make up. Sheets fit well on the bed. I can say we have been the happiest with Saavy Rest.
We believe, this mattress system is all it is cracked up to be. We have not investigated the newest models in 2014, but it it safe to say that none is perfect. If care is taken in selection, this is as close as it gets in the "mattress world." As Goldilocks would say, " Not to hot, not too soft, not too hard, not too heavy, not too smelly, not to grabby--just right. I think I will sleep here."


This is not a mattress system for everyone. Cost is the biggest hurdle, but there is something in the addage, "You get what you pay for." Care is needed in handling the latex layers, if that becomes necessary. They tear easily if mishandled. Durability is unknown, as we have owned the mattress less than a year. Be sure to test layer configurartion, and don't be afraid to test all configurations of Dunlop and Talalay in a retail store. Those who do not live in Charlottesville, like us, face shipping issues with exchanges of layers. Dunlop affords support and Talalay offers softness. Be diligent to mix and match to suit your neeeds and desires. Internet ordering may prove difficult though not impossible if the customer does research and discusses issues with the sales staff at Saavy Rest HQ before buying.
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