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Don't waste your money

Pranasleep Vinyasa

Dec 23, 2013 7:11 PM
Location: Rochester NY
In less than 6 months the crater was so deep I felt like I needed a rope to get out.
Date Purchased: 11/2012
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No


Felt wonderful at first


Never have I spent so much for so little sleep. I need to go out and buy a new mattress $3K and less than 1 year later.

Early Christmas Present to Us -- We are Happy.

Sleep Ez 10000

Dec 19, 2013 2:49 PM
Joined: Dec 19, 2013
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We purchased our mattress from Sleep EZ because of their reputation. A very wonderful mattress and we are amazed at our age that we didn't know about latex sooner.

Does seem that many aches and pains have disappeared in the past month. No question that latex is the best mattress we've ever owned.
Date Purchased: november 2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Excellent support along with softness
Sleep EZ custom designed the separate sides to our liking
We never have to turn over a mattress again


Dec 12, 2013

Savvy Rest Serenity

Dec 12, 2013 8:01 PM
Joined: Dec 12, 2013
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I purchased 2 of the 3 layer Serenity's with Savvy's Foundation the end of 2008. My downstairs Savvy got wet due to a water overflow from upstairs toilet overflowing. I went to change the sheets and decided to remove the Savvy cover as well. Low and behold, the mattress looked very bad. The latex had actually stuck to the cover. I sent pics to Savvy and within 1 day Todd had emailed and personally called me about my situation. Todd at Savvy said they would replace both beds and both covers at NO CHARGE! Without getting into the total discussion, I am more than impressed with how they truly guarantee their products. My wife and I are elated that there are still companies that really do care about their customers. Their handling of my situation was more than I expected. Merry Christmas to me and my wife!
Date Purchased: Dec 2008
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Comfort and warranty!