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Serta iComfort User Reviews


Brand: Serta
Type: Memory Foam

Serta iComfort

Sleepless Nights

Jan 5, 2013 8:27 am
kathie bousch
Location: norwich
My Husband and I purchased this mattress
August 2011. I turn the mattress as suggest.
We had been told we could use the box spring we had and it was sinking in so we purchased a foundation box spring that went with this mattress and a new frame. We both wake up with backaches and hips kill us.
This is very disappointing to us for the money charged.

Date Purchased: 8/2011
Price Paid: $1
Recommend: No

Serta iComfort

horrible bed

Dec 16, 2012 9:58 pm
Location: kenosha.wi
As most of the others that I have seen posts for the icomfort we bought last year, we also have gotten back aches after buying his mattress. It has sagged so badly that we bottom out ( it was not on a box spring we have a pedestal bed), the bed makes both my husband and I sweat horribly, and that being said he sweat went right thru the mattress and started to mold on the wood pedestal and underside of the mattress!!!! Absolutely disgusting!!!

We just put a mattress in our room that is a "normal" one and for the first night we woke up dry and no pain.

This is he worst 1400 we have ever spent...
Buyer beware...

Date Purchased: 06/11
Price Paid: $1400
Recommend: No

Serta iComfort


Dec 10, 2012 9:09 pm
Location: phila., pa
WISH I could give less than one star. w/in 6 mos. this mattress was a sinking valley that left me w painful hips. THERE IS NO WARRANTY!!!!!!
this mattress shows no sinking as in a coil/spring mattress, so the techs can't measure the defects. this allows the manf. to deny warranty. if i had not purchased from a store that has its own liberal return policy, i'd be out of 1400 dolllars.
until i choose a new mattress, i must sleep around the edges of this piece of crap. don't be fooled by how smooth and comfortably pliable this bed feels in the beginning. sooner than later, you will find yourself searching around the edge for a supported spot to rest. there's a lump straight down the middle and as someone here said...feels like climbing out of the sand dunes in the morning. bach and hip pain is constant. what galls me is that it's not just one defective bed. the manuf. and design of the bed is defective. the co. only post postive reviews. the co. reps have a rapid speal..."go back where you bought it, we're not here for you, we're here for customers, where the store is out of business." if you call them, you'll find that they will not help. and when you press about what the warranty covers or how to use get no answers...the stores are now adding all kinds of extra charges to return the defective products, because you will be returning them...i'm glad to discover that i'm not the only person who's exp. these things seems that this and most other mattress' are poorly manufactored....the co. refers to failure of the mattress as a matter of "comfort". comfort usually means too hard, too soft, lumpy. having to take the stairs backward after sleeping on this bed is more than discomfort...

Date Purchased: 12/2011
Price Paid: $1400
Recommend: No
you'll be fooled for the first month or so. feels so comfortable

poor design, poor manufactoring, BOGUS WARRANTY (THERE IS NONE), no way to decide defects in this type of bed

Serta iComfort

Terrible Bed

Dec 2, 2012 1:46 pm
R. Powell
Location: Gainesville, GA
Support only lasts a few months then it sags and at night you can hardly move out of the ditch. Unless you want to visit with a chiropractor every week forget this bed.

Date Purchased: 8/2011
Price Paid: $3000
Recommend: No

Sag and no support after short period. Foam or Gel is now like sleeping in a bowl of jelly.

Serta iComfort


Nov 27, 2012 12:45 am
Location: Pendleton, OR
Ok, yes it smells! Badly! Everytine you move into a new position it's like the gases are released.... It's gross of chemicals! It is like a 3.5 stars out of 5 for us. Still getting used to the memory foam mattress feeling.

Date Purchased: Nov2012
Price Paid: $2500
Recommend: No

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