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Serta iComfort User Reviews


Brand: Serta
Type: Memory Foam

Serta iComfort

Stay away from the Sealy i-Comfort!

May 24, 2012 4:34 pm
Aching Back
Location: Central Florida
I thought I had found the perfect bed when I stumbled across the i-Comfort while shopping for a new bed this past December. It seemed firm, yet had a pillow-top like softness that seemed might be the perfect fit. The smell was a bit of a challenge the first week as I found it to be pretty significant, but the bed seemed to make up for it. Over the first few months I noticed some changes as the memory foam seemingly began losing it's "memory" and turned into a permanent indentation at around the 5 month mark. I am 6'1 240 and single so I had taken to sleeping on various angles to see if that would help versus in the same spot, to no avail. For over $3000 I would have expected a better performing product and certainly one that would have lasted longer than a few months. Luckily after a forceful visit to the mattress store where I purchased it, it appears I will have a credit toward purchase of a new mattress, though I have to wait a couple of weeks for an "inspector" (which costs me $25) to come by to verify I'm not lying basically. Apparently mattress stores have yet to buy into the concept of customer service/customer loyalty. Note to self, deal with a large reputable/customer service-oriented company like Macy's when bed shopping again.

Date Purchased: 12/11
Price Paid: $3100
Recommend: No
Style of the bed frame

Pretty much everything else

Serta iComfort


May 21, 2012 5:12 pm
Location: Freeman
Just got a serta renew refined firm plush my understanding is you have to rotate this bed for even wear any of you people sinking into their bed may want to try that more often they say every 3 months!first night of sleep on new mattress tonite,will keep nformed!

Date Purchased: May 21,2012
Price Paid: $3500
Recommend: Yes

Serta iComfort

From Insight to Revolution

May 19, 2012 8:27 pm
Location: Middleburg, FL
Ok, so we originally bought the Insight queen model one month ago. No crazy smell or anything but it was crazy firm. Too firm. We named it "thud" because that's how we felt when we laid on it. No cozy comfy feeling, just thud. And don't even think about trying to be silly and push someone down on it, you may need to call 911. So we gave it time and hoped our bodies just needed to adjust. We didn't get a bad nights sleep at all. It wasn't uncomfortable to sleep on, just not the greatest. We gave it a full thirty days to see if we would love it more, and we never did. So today we went and tried other models (i have to admit, i stayed away from them before b/c of the price) and today purchased the Revolution queed model with adjustable base. That adjustable base is no joke. I feel old just saying I liked it. It really makes you feel like you're in a Craftmatic commercial just testing it, but once you have it raised up and then flatten it back down, the difference is insane. You feel pressure that you didn't know you were feeling before. We can't wait until it comes in (two weeks). Hopefully I'll update this post again later. Bottom line, I was so against spending the money until today (and I saw someone else did the calculations and its only $26 per month for the life of the bed, that's nothing when you consider the great sleep you'll be getting). If you like softer beds, the Revolution is the way to go. If you like torture, the Insight is for you...hehe.

Date Purchased: 4/18/12 and 5/19/12
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes

Serta iComfort

iComfort Genius - Good at first, not so much now

May 15, 2012 12:03 pm

Joined: May 15, 2012
Points: 0
After much research (why does everything require so much research these days?), I decided to get the iComfort Genius. I like memory foam, but I need the firmest foam they have. I owned a Tempurpedic and I liked the support of it, but it was really HOT. It became damaged and needed to be replaced, and I didn't want to invest in another one since they are so expensive. I opted for a cheaper memory foam to put on my adjustable base and it was very comfortable, however since it was a no-name mattress, it lost it's shape and became indented quickly.
My husband decided "no more foam!" and we got a spring mattress. Well, it was supportive, however, if you are a side sleeper, the shoulders and neck area will become numb, it begins to hurt, etc. Not to mention if you're sleeping with someone on a spring mattress and they get up and down all night, it wakes you up. If they roll over, it wakes you up. I wanted a mattress that allowed less "motion transfer". So I decided I wanted memory foam back, but not a cheap one, and not Tempurpedic because they are too hot.
The mattress lady assured me that the Genius was the absolute firmest of them all. That it was the coolest. That it was this and that. Well, it may be the firmest of the iComfort line, but as far as remaining firm, it falls short. It gets very hot. I sink all the way through.
Now, at first, this thing was awesome. It was firm like in the showroom, so it remained relatively cool. After 2 1/2 months, I'm considering returning it. It gets so hot, it might as well have been a Tempurpedic. I contacted Serta to ask them about the mattress. Well, the salesperson at the store told me the Genius was the firmest, but nobody told Serta Customer service that. They recommended the Insight (which is less expensive, and I had tried it in the showroom and it did NOT seem firmer) and that I use a "breathable mattress pad". Well, I am using the mattress pad (another $$ expense) and though the pad is comfortable, it did NOT solve the heat issue.
The bed is not only less firm and gets just as hot as the Tempurpedic, it slopes and is like a squishy marshmallow ON ONE SIDE ONLY. We've rotated it head to foot, and it still has the super squishy side problem.
I gave this mattress 3 stars for one reason: My husband LOVES it.
I will say this, I don't wake up with excruciating shoulder pain, I now get rib pain and it's exacerbated my TMJ because I sink and my head is at a weird angle all night.
I forgot to mention I even have the iComfort Pillows. I hate them. They are hot and they get hard as rocks unless you want to fluff them every 2 hours. They were free with the purchase, so you get what you pay for.
I don't have any clue what I will exchange the bed for. Also, beware of those 120 night sleep guarantees. You will have to PAY to return the mattress. You will have to pay a fee to the store to return it, and you will have to pay for pick up, unless you bring it back yourself. I'm at the point now I will gladly pay to return this thing.
But one husband loves it. He has back problems and swears this is the best bed he's ever slept on. I think the Tempurpedic was the best I'd ever slept on, but it gets hot. Since I thought this iComfort would solve the problem with the heat issue, I was WRONG.
I waited until I owned this for almost 3 months to review it so I could give an accurate account. I checked this site before I bought it, and I enjoyed the reviews so I wanted to "pay it forward".
I thought the firmness of the Genius would solve any sinking issues and it does not. Also, this mattress does not smell like the other foam mattresses. It was not a strong smell at all, just a "new smell" for a day or so, and then no noticeable odors. Nothing like the Tempurpedic or the no-name foam that I previously owned.
I guess, in summary, if you like Tempurpedics and are spending a lot of money on a mattress...get the Tempurpedic. I only went with the iComfort because I thought I could get the firmness of a Tempurpedic with the coolness of the no-name foam (the no name brands do not get hot at all, however they don't keep their shape either).
I wish Tempurpedic would solve the "heat" issue, but iComfort hasn't solved it either. Serta cannot compete with the firmness or support of the Tempurpedic, so if you're gonna be hot, might as well be on a comfortable, firm mattress. No motion transfer is the best feature of memory foam in my opinion. So, it's worth it to me to sleep a bit hotter knowing at least I won't get woken up with every movement like on a spring mattress.

Date Purchased: March/2012
Price Paid: $2000
Recommend: No
My husband likes it
Very comfortable at first
No motion transfer
Mattress has pretty cover
Base has corduroy accents, looks very modern, stylish
No strong odor, only "new smell"

Sinks like a hot marshmallow
Not firm as stated it would be
Slopes, roll off on one side of the bed

This message was modified May 15, 2012 by ZuZu

Serta iComfort


May 14, 2012 5:22 pm
Location: CA
I Have Neck,Sholuder and Back pain. I was looking for long time for mattress, until I lean towards Revolution from Serta, I purchased Adjustable base and revolution mattress, 1st night I could not sleep because of Smell but day after was Ok, My Neck & shoulder pain was reduced, but my back pain was increased, so every morning I was getting with back pain on new matress, after 35 days I exchaned with simmons Black Seris Ansleigh, this morning my back pain was much better. I do not reccomend Revolution to pepole who got back pain at all. I will posted aweek later regarding Simmons Black Series.

Date Purchased: March 24 2012
Price Paid: $3053
Recommend: No
Soft for neck and Shoulder, sleeping on side is comfortable, Price was reasonable

Terrible for pepole who got back pain. Not able to move on mattress, sink at middle.

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