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Brand: Serta
Type: Memory Foam
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Renewal Refined- So far so good.

Serta iComfort

Nov 1, 2012 12:45 PM
Location: Chicago
After doing a lot of research on memory foam mattresses we finally made the switch from a spring mattress (which had a 2 inch dip in it) to a memory foam mattress. We went with the Icomfort because we had a credit from Serta due to the problems with our old mattress and needed to stay with the brand. We choose the Renewal refined because we found it the most comfortable- soft at surface but didn't sink into it too far like the Savant. I will address the concerns we were nervous about:

1) the smell- there is an odor but it was nothing significant and it didn't bother us at all- slept the first night with no issue. I did air out the room for several hours before making the bed up.

2) the heat factor- So far I have not noticed that it sleeps hot- however it is cool outside and we keep our window open so we will have to see how it fares in the summer.

It has only been two nights but so far so good. Note that while this mattress is listed at a ridiculously high price- if you go to a "big box store" like we did you can negotiate the price down significantly. We got the price down by 40%.

Also note that the warrantee is void if you don't buy the matching boxsprings so it is worth it to get the whole set.
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Recommend: Yes


Super Comfortable
Great Warrantee
No motion transfer


Hard to get out of bed in the morning!

Good Night Zzzzzzzz!

Serta iComfort

Oct 26, 2012 8:19 PM
Joined: Oct 26, 2012
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We purchased our iComfort Prodigy even after reading all the horrible reviews on here. The store has given us 100 days to try the bed before we are locked in and I'm happy to say that we have no intention of returning our new mattress. Our mattress came in plastic and its box from the manufacturer. That being said, there was no overwhelming stench as some have experienced. My husband and I both have allergies and neither of us was bothered by the smell. I went into this with a messed up foot and back so I was hesitant that I was even picking the right model because absolutely nothing felt good. Hubby says he's slept the best he has in the last 10 years we've been together. The first morning I woke up I had lower back pain to go along with the other hurts. The second night and on has only gotten better and better. So much difference between memory foam and innerspring. Our prodigy feels so plush; you can feel the other person in bed but no more bouncing when they turn over. I don't wake the hubby up when I come to bed later than him. This was honestly one of the best investments we could have made! And if you buy pillows too, as we did, for the totally new sleeping experience- the rep told us to sit on them when we were watching tv that evening before bed, it helps to break them in so there not so stiff when its time to turn in. Our next step is to rotate the mattress on Day 15; your torso breaks in faster than your legs. Looking forward to many more sleep filled nights!
Date Purchased: October 2012
Price Paid: $2500
Recommend: Yes


Plush & comfy, no more waking up when someone rolls over!


None yet!

iComfort - $3300 Mistake

Serta iComfort

Oct 20, 2012 10:47 AM
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This bed does not deserve 1 star but there was no option for no stars. Do not buy an iComfort Bed. You WILL be sorry. After a couple of months the bed broke down and squishes down in half when you lay on it. When you turn over it's like going uphill. . Feels like sleeping on cotton balls. The store would do nothing about it. Another suggestion buy somewhere other than Macy's. Also, the bed heats up. So you go to bed comfortable and wake up sweating at 2pm. The sleeping aid companies stock must have gone up after this bed came on the market. We paid $3387.92 tax and delivery for the iComfort Easy King Plush. I'd pay that much not to have to sleep on it again which is exactly what we're doing because we're going out now to buy another bed.
Date Purchased: 10/14/2011
Price Paid: $3388
Recommend: No


Pretty cover


Foam breaks down and feels like you're sleeping in a hole. Have to climb up a hill to roll over.

Foam starts out cool. Heats up in the middle of the night.

Gives you got a backache, a headache and an empty wallet.