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Brand: Serta
Type: Memory Foam
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Revolution -- Better But Not Great

Serta iComfort

Jun 21, 2012 8:51 AM
Joined: May 30, 2012
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First, this is a follow-up to my review of the iComfort Genius (It's No Genius). That mattress was returned for reasons outlined in that review and exchanged for the iComfort Revolution.

Again, my initial impressions on delivery were positive. The appearance and apparent build quality of the mattress are good and we have not had any problems with off-gassing on either of the iComfort mattresses we've had in our home. Unlike the Genius, the Revolution was much closer in firmness to the model in the store. It is significantly softer than the Genius which never never lost its board-like feel.

After several weeks of sleeping on the Revolution I have not had a return of the intense back pain the Genius caused. I have experienced some minor stiffness on occasion but nothing horrible and my wife is much happier with this mattress. That said, this is simply not the bed we had hoped it would be. I am not persuaded that I seep any better or more comfortable on this bed than on the innerspring Simmons in our guest room that cost much less than half the price of the iComfort. I understand mattresses are subject to a great deal of individual preference but I simply don't think the iComfort is worth the money. If I weren't concerned about putting my wife through the hassle and the additional delivery costs this one would go back as well.

For those of you who found this forum researching a new mattress I'll attempt to provide some more specific observations:

- The Revolution, like the Genius does seem to "soften up" more where one usually sleeps but we haven't found this to be a problem.
- The Revolution does seem to sleep slightly warmer than a standard mattress but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable.
- In my opinion this mattress is uncomfortable for side sleeping
- The mattress (ours is a queen) does seem slightly undersized compared to an innerspring. This means you may have a gap if you use a frame that has an attached headboard and footboard.

Finally, for those considering the motion base for this bed I'd encourage you to think that through carefully. In our case it was an expensive solution to a problem that didn't really exist and the solution creates new challenges:

- In my opinion the lounging and sitting positions of the adjustable base are no more comfortable than strategically-placed pillows
- If you have nightstands placed where most people put them be aware they will be largely unreachable when the bed is in any sitting position. Reaching books or drinks becomes a contortion act.
- If you enjoy reading in the lounge or sitting position be prepared to turn in or scramble for pillows when your partner gets tired and wants to put the bed flat.
- The "massage" function is simply a gimmick -- it's a cheap vibrator for the bed that makes more noise than anything else. The vibration motors seem to inexplicably pause or change frequency at any given setting and often set up a harmonic between themselves that makes it seem like they've quit working completely. We assumed this was a defect and had the company send out a technician -- it appears this is "normal" operation

In all, I'd recommend saving your money and investing in some comfy pillows if you like reading or watching TV in bed.

Our bottom-line: we're tired of the mattress shopping experience. We can live with the iComfort Revolution but wouldn't recommend the product to others.
Date Purchased: 05/2012
Price Paid: $1600
Recommend: No


Looks good


Adjustable base

iComfort Revolution

Serta iComfort

Jun 17, 2012 9:57 PM
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My husband and I bought this mattress and needless to say it doesn't live up to it's name or price. After my husband returned from a year deployment in Iraq we thought this would be the "end all be all" mattress and we wouldn't have to buy another one for a long time. After 5/6 months this mattress is already sagging on one side. We contacted Serta to get a replacement and they refused. Stating this was a "body impression" on the mattress. I emailed Serta customer service and after weeks of no response, I finally got a response with a message to contact a rep. by phone. Problem is the number to the rep. was the wrong number. So back to email communication we go. After several more weeks of no response I finally got the right number only to be told by the NASTY rep. on phone that she would send an email with all the instructions on what to do. She was very short and hateful on the phone. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! If I am spending that kind of money it should NOT be falling apart after just a short amount of time. This company needs to get a grip and stop ripping customers off. Rest assured we will NEVER buy from this company again and will not be recommending this mattress to anyone!
Date Purchased: 09/2011
Price Paid: $2500
Recommend: No



Poor Warranty, Customer Service and Quality of Product. It is also very heavy.

ER Visit After 1st Night

Serta iComfort

Jun 16, 2012 9:14 PM
Location: Palatka, FL
We bought the Renewal Refined iComfort and had high hopes for a great night sleep with no back pain in the morning. On the first morning I woke up with a kinked neck which developed into very painful muscle spasms in my neck. I am trying not to blame the mattress but on the second morning it was so bad my wife made me go to the ER because the pain was unbearable. We have now had the bed for a week, both of us have sore lower backs too. Other than that I Love the bed!
No hot sleeping issues and I actually sleep great but wake up with to many aches and pains. I talked to our salesman this morning and he suggested walking all over the bed to "break it in" and try it for another week or two. We'll try it but my wife is already saying that she will be on the couch until we get another one.
Date Purchased: 6/8/12
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Cool sleep


Too firm, did not match up to showroom model.
Aches, pains and an ER bill after 2 days!