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Only a Year Old

Saatva Luxury Firm

Jun 23, 2015 8:10 AM
RP Petersen
Location: Stone Mountain, GA
I ordered the "Luxury Firm" king size mattress just over a year ago. At first it was what I anticipated. Today, I'm considering replacing it. There are two distinct deep body impressions and the center is much higher than the sides.
I don't sleep in this bed every night. In fact, I sleep in it just half of the month because my career has me out of town 50% of each month.
Getting in and out of the bed is more difficult now than when it was new. The edges feel worn out and saggy when I get out of bed.
I researched the purchase of mattresses for quite some time. What this mattress is doing is EXACTLY what I was wanting to avoid.
Disappointed is how I would describe this product.
I haven't called the company yet. I will however. But I know what the response will be. It's the same everywhere.
It's so frustrating to read all of the reviews, do the research and still have this problem.
I am not, nor is my wife obese. This is just normal (and in my case, less than) wear and tear by two middle-aged people. Is it possible that I got a lemon?
I will be calling the company. However, I'll be just as disappointed.
Date Purchased: January /2014
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No


At first... everything. Very comfortable.


Body impressions that are even obvious when the bedspread is on.
This is way too soon for this to be happening!
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The soft is too firm

Saatva Plush Soft

Jun 22, 2015 7:38 PM
Sandra Aquino
Location: Yakima, WA
After 5 nights, my back is stiff and aching. The co. has encouraged me to give it more time; which I am willing to do. This morning, my back was worse than before. Sigh, I am hoping my review will go from a one star to a five star after giving it more time. We shall see...
Date Purchased: June, 2015
Price Paid: $1700
Recommend: No


It's made in America and it is a gorgeous set


way too hard
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Delivery issues

Saatva Firm

Jun 20, 2015 11:11 AM
Joined: Jun 20, 2015
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You are here to evaluate the comfort of the bed. I haven't received mine yet, so my review does not help with that. But, if you care about customer service, read on.

Their web page says delivery within 2-8 days. I am hoping I will get mine at the two week mark. We shall see. They did credit me a small amount but only after I asked for it. Their customer service was adequate, as if the employees don't like their jobs and are going through the motions, vs. the way they paint it on the web page. No Zappos customer service there.

If you are timing the delivery of your mattress, err on the side of it will take longer... At least in my experience. I ordered the firm slim with the smaller foundation.
Date Purchased: 6/10/15
Price Paid: $1100
Recommend: No



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