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Incredible value and customer service!

Saatva Luxury Firm

Jun 15, 2014 7:20 PM
Joined: Jun 15, 2014
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After reading many of the glowing reviews about this product, the company and their customer service, I can't really add anything that hasn't been said before - and accurately - many times!

Simply and absolutely the best bed purchase I've ever made and their customer service is incomparable.

More's the pity that Saatva is one of the minute number of companies (the ONLY one that I know of) that still makes an earnest effort to actually take care of its
customers, both before and after purchasing!

If ALL US companies were run that way, we'd still be #1 in the world and no other country could even come close to us.
Date Purchased: July/2014
Price Paid: $899
Recommend: Yes


The best I've ever had and the only mattress company that will get my future business.

I've slept on LOTS of beds in my 65 years on this earth, and this one is the most comfortable by far.

I have mild lower lumbar arthritis, and for the first time in in more than a decade I can wake up and go through the day pain-free. It's really quite incredible!


That I didn't find this awesome company and their great product and prices until only recently!
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Outstanding Quality, Service & Integrity!

Saatva Plush Soft

May 9, 2014 11:22 PM
Location: Levittown, NY
Never have I experienced Customer Service as outstanding as that of Saatva! I first purchased the luxury firm mattress and I found that it was too firm for me so I contacted the company and I was given clear directions as to the procedure to exchange for the soft mattress for a nominal courtesy fee plus delivery. They were very courteous and thorough making sure that all "t's" were crossed and all "i's" were dotted. There was no delay in picking up the firmer mattress and delivering the softer mattress as I requested; however, a further indication of their professionalism was again displayed when just prior to delivery, they called me to go over the measurements I had requested for the box spring and mattress. They inquired as to how tall I was, due to the fact that I had ordered the highest mattress & box spring combo - when I told them I was only 5'2" tall, they said that when they saw the combination I chose, they knew it would be an uncomfortable height for me. The fact that they took the time to call and verify whether I was a very tall person prior to delivery, their friendly thoroughness saved us all from having to go through unnecessary delivery and return madness. You couldn't ask for a better product sold by a company with a better staff than Saatva!!!
Date Purchased: March 2014
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Comfortable, Supportive, High Quality, Stable, Organic Composition, Luxuriously Padded, Reasonably Priced



Saatva Luxury Firm

Apr 30, 2014 1:29 PM
Location: R S M, CA
Spent a weekend mattress testing, initially tried a Kluft $7-8000. mattress, it felt great and we decided that this was going to be our comparison bed. Nothing else compared, and at end of second day went online and somehow the Saatva website jumped out at me. An affordable, well made, well warranted matters made in the USA? It certainly got my attention, I made the initial call late on a Sunday night. I spoke with the rep, I was advised to sleep on all the facts before making a decision. I was almost sold at this point, but took the night to think it over. As usual, I woke up stiff and immediately called Saatva and ordered the flagship LUXURY FIRM mattress. We had our new bed in four days, within the time period given. I could tell the difference after the first night, it took my wife three nights (we were advised a break in period could take up to a week). We wake refreshed and alert, no more lower back pain. As much as I hate getting out of our new mattress, I am able to get up feeling great! I haven't felt this good since my back surgery in 1997. Our next mattress will also be a Saatva!
Date Purchased: FEB, 2014
Price Paid: $899
Recommend: Yes


Love the dual coil layer, the firm edge, the LUMBAR SUPPORT, the fact that it is as natural/organic as possible, made in the USA, unbelievable price (even with shipping, it's still more affordable than a cheaper mattress that will need to be replaced in five or less years).