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Had for awhile

Sleep Ez 13000

May 21, 2014 9:26 PM
Carol Taylor
Location: West Virginia
I am just writing a review because I wanted to really try the mattresses out for a time.

Not only was the company great to work with, taking the time to make me happy in every way they could...but the mattress is so comfy!! I had many pressure issues and this mattress had given me a good nights sleep again.

I had to get a really soft top because of my issues and it has dropped a little in the middle..but I am sure Sleep ez would replace it but you know...I am still sleeping comfortably and until I am not...I am happy!!

I have tried so many mattresses and with such a huge husband (270lbs), they always drooped very quickly...but he has a regular soft top with a firm underneath and his is still looking has been several years now...and he is still happy....I am still happy...and we both got the soft/firmness we needed.

This mattress is a great idea...with 8 different pieces you can mix and match until it is perfect for you...just a rocket scientist idea!!!

So, I wanted to let everyone know...we are both over 55...and have been thru many mattresses..including the very expensive memory foam temperpetic...and none were we as happy as with the mattress from sleep with confidence!!

ps..I really can't remember the cost or has been just guessed...
Date Purchased: 11/2011
Price Paid: $2300
Recommend: Yes


can mix it up to get the perfect firmness for each person...


does break down a little over time but not as much as our spring mattresses we use to have and they got hard...if our mattress drops a little in the is still comfy and carries the same, they can replace the top one that is dropping instead of loosing the whole mattress and then having to pay for the difference for another new one...

Enjoying this mattress to the hilt!

Sleep Ez 10000

Jan 28, 2014 9:11 PM
Joined: Jan 28, 2014
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Wife credits all my research with the best purchase we've made. I started with a long list of possible companies and slowly weeded it down.

We were told by Sleep EZ we might have a break in period to get used to the new mattress. We did go through that for about 3 weeks and then it just clicked and we've never looked back. We think probably our backs had been messed up by our old bed--kept way too long.

This mattress is so comfortable and we both sleep so well.
Date Purchased: October 2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Comfortable for both of us--we selected a firmer side for me and softer for my wife.
Like that we can change around our layers.
Price was best we found
Sleep eZ was really helpful to us


Sleep EZ mattress BAD_Foundations HORRIBLE_do not waste your money

Sleep Ez 8500

Jan 22, 2014 6:26 PM
Location: San Diego
Was happy with the mattress for a few weeks then began noticing it sagging and not keep shape properly. After a year the mattress is completely deformed and is sagging badly in the middle. It is THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE mattress I have slept on and my back hurts even worse than before when I get up from this thing. Also, the top layers have begun discoloring a bit showing darker greyish spotting despite regular cleanings. In addition, the foundation they sold us was a literal piece of junk. Got refunded for it but had to pay a junk hauler to take it away. No response from Sleep EZ when I inquired about this. Very disappointed.
Date Purchased: 3/2012
Price Paid: $2250
Recommend: No


a bit cheaper price...but not worth it.


mattress layers different not line up exactly with one another.
mattress sags in middle even with proper hardwood slat foundation.
mattress discolors.
foundation from Sleep EZ not refunded but had to pay to have it taken away.