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Very satisfied

Sleep Ez 10000

Mar 7, 2013 9:48 PM
Location: Northwest Arkansas
I'm 5'9" 155 lbs. and I purchased a S/M/F. My husband is 5'7" 210 lbs and he got a M/F/XF.

We have king size 10,000 and we Love the bed! The cover and the latex is very good quality.

It didn't seem like the layers would all fit in the cover but after talking w/Shawn & looking at the assembly instructions shown in the link "bed assembly" at bottom of SleepEZ website, it worked just fine and quick!

At first we bought a Boyd 940 through Sam's, listed as the Classic Dream Eurotop and sent it back, however we did keep the metal frame (Sam's pt #31532) that goes with that bed and it works perfectly w/the 10,000! Don't hesitate to buy this bed.

Oh, and you can ask for non-shredded latex pillows, they're free w/the mattress & super comfortable!
Date Purchased: March 2013
Price Paid: $1995
Recommend: Yes


Quality, Comfort, easy assembly, free shipping, two free pillows and Shawn is always handy and ready to assist!


Great customer service and mattress!

Brooklyn Bedding Total Latex

Mar 6, 2013 5:34 PM
Joined: Feb 22, 2013
Points: 2
Wow, what a great company. Jacob was more than happy to help me select the perfect latex mattress, firmness and explained all the benefits.I ended up getting the 12" Bamboo Bliss Latex mattress, which for some reason is not listed on this website. I am sleeping more sound and my back aches are nearly non-existent. You really do not realize how important it is to have a great mattress and now I do. I hope that everyone else can experience the great quality and experience with brooklyn bedding.
Date Purchased: 2/23/2013
Price Paid: $1099
Recommend: Yes


smells good
pressure relieving
super soft! love how plush it is
great price


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Best Mattress and Buying Experience Ever

Sleep Ez 10000

Feb 28, 2013 9:10 PM
C. Gold
Location: Frederick, Maryland
I ordered an eastern king size organic latex mattress from Shawn at Sleep-Ez last month. I called in my order around 3pm and received a shipping notification two hours later. I was so excited that it had shipped out so quickly. As promised, the bed arrived five days later in a total of three boxes. My husband and I each wanted different combinations. He ordered (bottom to top) Firm Dunlop, Med Dunlop and Med Talalay. I ordered (bottom to top) Firm Dunlop, Med Dunlop and Soft Talalay. It was relatively easy to assemble. At first we thought the cover wouldn't be big enough, but as other reviewers as stated, the layers end up fitting perfectly. The latex layers were very easy to assemble. Each was labeled with a large sticker which you couldn't miss. We had existing box springs but you can't put that bed right over those. We bought plywood, per Shawn's recommendations, and covered them with a fabric that is very similar to the backing material used on black out curtains. We then placed the cover on top of that and put the layers together. We used our own mattress cover on top of that for added protection.

It took about a week to get used to sleeping on the new bed. Now, I can't imagine sleeping anywhere else. We had previously owned a $2200 Simmons which developed two deep indentations within the first six months. We trashed that after a year since Simmons would not stand behind the warranty. There were no stains whatsoever and all the tags remained on the mattress. We were 1/8" away from the depth required. Our back pain was such that we figured we'd take the loss and went on to purchase a firmer and pricier Sterns and Foster. After four years, that too, developed indentations. We then purchased a memory foam mattress from Costco which lasted for four years, but at least this one only cost us $700. It had a horrible smell that took quite some time to dissipate. This mattress developed indentations as well and it was torture trying to sleep on that bed once your body heat caused the mattress to dip. I liked the memory foam, but I hated that when I rolled over to lay flat on my back, the body impressions from my previous position remained long after I had moved. Over time that only got worse and we had a huge hump in the middle of the mattress. I have a bulging disc and arthritis in my lower back. Sleeping on a non supportive mattress is pure torture.

I went online to figure out what kind of mattress to buy. How do you know what to buy? After much research (weeks and weeks), I stumbled upon a few websites that had interactive forums that discussed the advantages of latex. I called several online latex mattress companies and even visited a brick and mortar store in my area that sold them. It was confusing and there were way too many choices. I was afraid to purchase such a large dollar ticket item sight unseen. Online everyone 'looks' amazing but every company makes different claims and statements which leave the unknowing consumer with questions and doubts. How do you know what retailer is going to be upstanding and follow through with their advertised promises of quality service and refunds to unsatisfied customers? Once company told me that glued layers were the way to go. Another says not to buy more than one layer. Yet another said that they didn't recommend having his and her sides, but rather the same thicknesses all the way across to both sides. I was overwhelmed and the more I researched, the more skeptical I became. I had to make a decision, and quickly, as I was going to have surgery and absolutely needed a comfortable bed to recuperate in.

I decided to purchase our bed from Sleep-Ez. It is now six weeks later and I have decided to exchange my soft talalay layer for a firmer medium talalay like my husband has on his side. I just called Shawn (it's after hours) but didn't leave a message. I got the business voicemail but decided to call back tomorrow. Two minutes later, my phone rings and it's Shawn, apologizing for having missed my call because he was with another customer. I was impressed. I told Shawn that I was interested in a Med Talalay layer for my side. He confirmed that it would only cost me $30 to swap out the layer and that it would ship out tomorrow! Now THAT'S customer service! He explained that the new layer will arrive with a return postage label that I can affix to the box to send back my other layer.

So easy! So fast! So convenient! I know I sound like an advertisement for this company, but it's just rare to find businesses that provide this hands on, fast and convenient customer service. When was the last time you found a helpful mattress salesman? I've bought enough mattresses in the last ten years to say with certainty that there aren't many! Oh, and here's the best part...I got a 5% discount when I told him I'd found out about his company after reading a particular forum. I mentioned the name and got the added discount. I used the savings to buy new bedsheets!

I highly recommend this company. I have already referred a friend who is currently sleeping in a 4" indentation.
Date Purchased: 01/18/2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Luxurious, supportive feel
Latex springs right back (my favorite thing about it)
Flexibility of interchangeable layers for each side
Can be custom designed for 'his' and 'her' preferences
Easy to put together
Excellent customer service
Fast shipping
Non glued layers
Organic materials
90 return and exchange policy
Free pillows


Cost - but this is no more than we spent on a below average Simmons mattress that lasted less than 1 year.