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Simmons exceptionale msi 187

Simmons Beautyrest Exceptionale

Apr 25, 2013 11:08 PM
Location: Los Angeles
Incredible bed,

This bed is my first bed, after sleeping on the floor for a number of years or on futons, I decided to grow up and get a real bed. This bed will likely last for a decade (thankfully my husband and I are both on the light side and are motionless sleepers). I bought it used for 250$ and this included a high priced frame as well. So lucked out!
Date Purchased: 09/2012
Price Paid: $200
Recommend: Yes


no sagging anywhere, no squeeking, conforms as promised, and superior fabric.


the price if you were to buy it new.

Don't waste your money

Simmons Beautyrest NxG Series

Apr 17, 2013 3:22 PM
Lewis Clark
Location: Brentwood, Tennessee
After a year in use, the mattress sags significantly in the area where I sleep. Also, it's really hot, which the "advanced memory foam" was supposed to prevent. Ridiculous for a mattress that costs this much to perform so poorly.
Date Purchased: March 2012
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No



dont buy beautyrest mattress at Sit N Sleep

Simmons Beautyrest World Class

Feb 26, 2013 6:37 PM
Location: los angeles
I should of not bought the second beautyrest mattress at Sit N Sleep, the first one lasted about 6 years, my fault was that I spilled tea on the mattress so it stained the mattress, therefore Simmons refused even to look at the mattress, that stain cancelled the warranty. So my back was hurting so much, and I went and bought a new Beautyrest Mattress at Sit N Sleep again, after a year, now I started to notice the mattress indented a little on the right side where i lie down on the part. I called them and they sent a third party, and sent me a note said it was normal for that little crater. I don't beleive them, so people DONT BUY BEAUTYREST AND DON'T SHOP AT SIT N SLEEP, they just want to take your money.
Date Purchased: 2/12
Price Paid: $1000
Recommend: No




indentation, bad mattress