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Mattress Buying Guide

Negotiating price for mattresses (Tips 4-6)

Tip 4 - Don't be an impulse buyer!

Do not buy a mattress your first day shopping. You want to control your urge to purchase right away and consider all your options. You will save much more money going from shop to shop taking notes and comparing beds, plus you will end up with a better mattress anyway.

Learn this line for the first day, "Thanks, but I'm just looking."

Make sure to memorize that line if you typically buy products without any additional information, research or deliberation.

Remember, the salespeople will try to convince you that your favorite bed is on sale for today only. No matter what he/she says, just say, "Thanks, but I'm just looking."

If that doesn't work, then bring a partner or pretend that you have one.

Even if you only have time to visit two mattress stores you will certainly have made a better purchase decision than a single store purchase.

Tip 5 - Bring a partner

Bringing your spouse/partner or one that can pretend to be your partner would not only be helpful in buying the best mattress but you can also use each other for negotiating tactics.

For example, you can pretend that you and your partner make autocratic decisions. This is when certain purchasing decisions are made by one of you and the other has no say.

You should decide going into the store which one of you has power in making the decision for buying a mattress. This way, you both can strategically work the salesperson at different angles.

One can play the semi-good guy role and say things like, "This is comfortable but a little expensive," while the other can play the bad guy role and say things like "We can't afford a mattress, I don't know why we're here," and, "This is way too expensive."

Upon hearing this, the salesperson will almost certainly drop the price if he/she thinks the person playing the bad guy can be persuaded.

Another effective method is what is called using the synoptic ideal. This calls for the two people shopping to take a common view and act as joint decision makers.

Using this principle, you can carefully weigh alternatives, assign one another well-defined roles, and calmly make mutually beneficial consumer decisions.

For example, both of you could use the same tactics discussed before and kind of double-team the salesperson. Let's say you really like a bed in the store you are in, but the store's competitor had a similar bed which was not as comfortable but was at a cheaper price.

Well, if you both make strong points about the specifications and prices that were in the competitor's store, the salesperson will most likely match the price and perhaps lower it a little more.

Tip 6 - When going alone...

If you must go alone, pretend that you do have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. After using the other negotiating methods we discussed, tell him/her you're interested in buying the bed but you first have to consult with your partner.

This is a very powerful way to negotiate a price because the salesperson will not want you to leave his/her store without buying a bed, especially since your partner seems to have the potential to overrule your decision. Therefore, the salesperson might even lower the price some more!

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