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Summerhill & Bishop by Ortho??
Original Message   Mar 18, 2010 12:22 am
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I just bought the Summerhill & Bishop "Pembridge" from Ortho Mattress a month ago.  I'm waking everyday with major back pains and feel like there is a sink hole!  It has "hand-nested coils"... I'm not sure what the even means.   


I have a few days left to return this mattress for something else.  Since the "Pembridge" is the lower end of this line, i was curious if anyone has the higher end "Elgin" or "Landsdowne" and are happy with it.  


I don't see ANY reviews on this bed or on Ortho Mattress.   

Please help if you can... Thanks!




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Re: Summerhill & Bishop by Ortho??
Reply #3   Mar 26, 2010 12:07 pm
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I just had the Summerhill and Bishop Pembridge delivered to my house two days a ago.  I bought the pillow top in hopes that it ease my lower back pain but seems to dissapoint. I think that the mattress was designed to be stiff.  Thinking about returning the mattress but the salesman said it would cost me a 25% restocking fee. Long term I think it's worth the small fee. lilpixyd, did you buy the pillow top?

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Re: Summerhill & Bishop by Ortho??
Reply #4   May 3, 2010 6:53 pm
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Hi.  We bought an Eastern King of this mattress, and have already called twice for them to come and exchange it.  After about one month - it starts sagging.  I don't plan on settling for a "restocking fee" I plan on making them upgrade the mattress - or I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.  We got the pillowtop and it is sagging one inch on the right side and almost 2 inches on the left.  Has anyone else had this experience with the PEMBRIDGE PT MATTRESS ?  thanks

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Re: Summerhill & Bishop by Ortho??
Reply #5   Apr 14, 2013 9:54 pm
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I bought this mattress here in Whittier in April 2011.  As of now, it is sagging in the middle and is very lumpy all over.  My back hurts every morning and the whole thing is just terribly uncomfortable.  I complained to ORTHO, under the false assumption they would honor their warranty,about the hole in the middle and got a total run-around.  Their Customer Service people were nasty and rude.  When I called the President's office I was assured of a response but to now (a month later) have heard nothing).  There so-called inspector (for which I paid $58 non-refunable if complaint was denied) found an invisible stain which ORTHO claims invalidates the warranty.  To the best of my knowledge I had nothing to do with this stain.  However, ORTHO refused any alleviation of the problem.  Unless I want to sue guess I'm stuck with this lousy mattress until I can afford a new one.  DO NOT BUY FROM ORTHO.  Unfortunately for me I bought from the ORTHO store.  If you bought from a reputable retailer hope you get your money back or at least a better mattress.
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