Mattress Sizes - Which Size Should I Buy?

When deciding on the best mattress for your needs, one of the first considerations is the size of the mattress set you will purchase. The answer is not a simple one, but really just a matter of personal preference. So, whatever size makes you happy! One bit of advice we have here is measure your space first!! If you and your partner wake up because you bump into one another in the night, buy larger bed than you currently have -- maybe even a king sized bed. With a king sized bed, people who don't want to touch while sleeping during the night do not have to.

Still deciding? Well, there are a number of mattress sizes that you can purchase. The smallest is the twin mattress which measures 39 inches across by 75 inches in length. Twin mattresses also come in extra long; anyone who has experienced dorm life knows this is the college standard. If you have predict that your growing child will quickly outgrow his twin before you know it, you can opt for the extra long twin. Sheets and linens are readily available especially at back to school shopping time.

The standard mattress size in the 20th century was the full mattress measuring in at 54 inches by 75 inches, also referred to as a double bed. At the end of the 1900's the queen ascended her throne of mattress of choice. The queen sized mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches. Finally there is the king mattress, measuring in at a whopping 76 inches by eighty inches -- a full 16 inches wider than the queen. Make sure your bedroom can handle this size mattress before purchasing. A queen may do just as nicely for your needs and allow you more space for night stands or clearance to walk around the bed more comfortably. If you do find yourself with an active sleeper for a bed partner who wakens you each night with tossing and turning, a king might be the best mattress purchase for you.

Here are the standard sizes of mattresses: