Black Friday deals on Mattresses

Every year, millions and millions of Americans eagerly anticipate Black Friday and the doorbuster sales that come with it. For some, the savings end up being the difference between a big Christmas and a regular Christmas. A new trend we are seeing this year is many major retailers opening on Thanksgiving day. We are deeply saddened by this (but that is for another article).

Black Friday sales tend to be on cool, but not brand new, electronics and other easily gifted stuff. Should we intrepid mattress shoppers be left out of this festive shopping time? We often are and it probably has something to do with the personal nature of mattresses. When was the last time you wrapped a mattress up and put it under the tree?

Sure, BF is not a major mattress holiday, but there are a couple sales going on so why can't we get in on the action?

Below is a list of the BF sales that we know of.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Belk - 50% off mattress toppers. Belk

BJs - $200 off Therapedic perfection Memory Foam Gel Latex Pillow-Top (Queen). BJs

Costco - Nothing yet

Sams - Nothing yet

Sears - 50-60% off mattresses with extra incentives like free delivery and disposal. Sears

JCPenney - Not much on mattresses yet but some decent prices on pillows and bedding. JCPenney

HHGregg - $300 off some Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Serta Denmark Firm or Wellner Foam for $277 (queen). HHGregg

Macys - Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite mattress set on sale for $597 before 1pm, Nov.30 (savings of $202). The Macybed Select Mattress, Pillowtop plush for $347 before 1pm Nov. 30 (savings of $582!). Macybed Select mattress, Pillowtop Cushion Firm for $247 before 1pm, Nov.30 (savings of $522!) Various bedding and pillows are on sale as well. Macys

Original Mattress Factory -Nothing yet - Free foundation event going on now. Save up to $400.

Feel free to add additional Black Friday deals to our Mattress Forum