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Latex mattress in the UK
Original Message   Mar 26, 2011 6:51 pm
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Hello all,

I’m in the UK and looking for an all natural latex mattress with a soft, supportive feel. Unfortunately, there is currently extremely limited choice of latex mattresses here and I have not been able to find any natural Talalay mattresses at all. There is a sprinkling of online stores selling 100% natural Dunlop mattresses imported from Germany and Switzerland. The main names are Prolana and Dormiente, however I’ve been unable to find independent user reviews of either of these brands with the exception of a couple of threads on which did not seem to be exactly positive. Two posters reported tossing and turning all night long and waking up with back pain. The models I’ve considered are:

with a single 14cm (5.5”) latex core and an organic cotton cover quilted with organic wool. Cost: £1227 (roughly $1965)! I’m loath to spend so much money on a 14cm Dunlop core which offers no possibility of customization.

  • Also of interest is the Classic Orthoform which is a 15cm (6”) core zoned mattress, with different versions for male and female, and which is even more unattractively priced at £1787 ($2860)!
  • The Prolana Samar series are slightly cheaper (ranging from £800 to £927 or $1280 to $1484), and feature a 15cm (6”)†Dunlop core available in soft, medium or firm. I have not been able to get any ILD ratings as they have not replied to my email and the phone number provided on their website doesn’t work!

Are any of these worth dishing out all this money for? Even though I’m fairly light-weight (54 kg/119 Lbs), I’m concerned that a single Dunlop core would not offer the right combination of comfort and support. What do you think?

  • Another option would the Ramsey natural latex mattress from Abaca†, again a 15cm (6") Dunlop core available in soft or medium to firm. However, the mattress is wrapped in wool and hand tufted, which makes for a firmer feel than I'd have liked.

If anyone has tried any of these mattresses I would be extremely grateful for any feedback.†

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Re: Latex mattress in the UK
Reply #1   Oct 18, 2013 11:05 am
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Hello there,

have you had any luck with tracking down reviews for the Prolana mattresses ?

Or perhaps you purchased one already and have a first-hand experience ?

I am in a similar position as yourself, i.e. basically decided to go with the natural Latex mattresses, but finding it hard to find independent reviews about them ...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Latex mattress in the UK
Reply #2   Mar 15, 2014 7:19 pm
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I have just bought a Dormiente latex classic orthoform female mattress and classic slatted base. It is awful. My back, which prior to this was the only part of me not in pain, is in agony and I can hardly move. †Has anyone any advice?? Can't find any English speaking reviews either.†
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